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Supply Chain Security

While working at Pfizer, Rich worked closely with the North America Logistics Team to develop Cargo (Truckload) Security Standards of Care. These Standards of Care, which were subsequently adopted by the Procurement Team and incorporated into all carrier contracts moving forward, established minimum security processes and requirements that all carriers were required to adopt to haul Pfizer loads in North America.

These Standards of Care ultimately led to the reduction of cargo theft, which in turn lowered insurance premiums. Due to his success, Rich was subsequently asked to develop Pfizer’s Marine and Air Cargo Standards of Care.

These efforts led to Pfizer North America applying for and eventually becoming C-TPAT certified. Rich led the efforts on behalf of the Corporate Security team for this cross functional effort.

Brand Protection

While working at Purdue Pharma L.P., Rich was responsible for Brand Protection efforts. One of his several innovative efforts involved developing and implementing a project which led to the takedown of illegal sites offering counterfeit versions of controlled substances. The intelligence gleaned from these takedowns was shared with state and federal law enforcement agencies. This in turn led to the arrest of criminals who developed these sites, as well as the seizure of significant quantities of counterfeit and misbranded products.

Rich was also responsible for developing a unique training program for US Customs and Border Protection Officers to assist them in identifying and seizing diverted and counterfeit pharmaceuticals being imported into the United States. This effort involved the development and publication of an easy-to-read photographic manual of authentic products, and training/sharing of chemical properties of authentic products to assist in the field testing of suspected counterfeit and unapproved products.

Enterprise Security
Risk Management (ESRM):

Rich was instrumental in the development of a Global Corporate Security program at a FTSE 25 company that previously lacked a Corporate Security team. In his capacity as Group Head of Corporate Security at Reckitt, Rich oversaw the development of a cadre of highly talented security professionals with diverse backgrounds who embedded themselves into the business operations of the company and became trusted business partners in the management of security risks.

Rich led efforts to establish governance, security standards and guidelines, personal security, investigation, crisis management/business continuity, and supply chain security programs. He also spearheaded several security awareness initiatives that focused on personal, travel, and supply chain security matters. Rich and his team were recognized by senior leadership as well as the Ethics and Compliance Team for their efforts during the height of the pandemic to manage personal and security efforts.

our clients say about us

Charles Forsaith

Vice President,
Healthcare Distribution Alliance

I have known and worked closely with Rich for nearly 20 years and have consistently found him to be a man of unquestionable ethics, integrity, and professionalism. He is one of the most creative, innovative, and accomplished individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. A true expert in the area of Corporate Security, he is generous with both his time and knowledge.

His ascension to ultimately leading the largest fraternal order of security professionals in the world (as the Chairman of the American Society of Industrial Security) is a testament to his character and ability. Such a responsibility requires being particularly adept at building and leading diverse teams, as well as forging highly successful publicprivate partnerships.

Respected by public officials and business leaders alike, Rich has always served as a terrific ambassador for whomever he is representing.

Leanne Metz

former Director,
Emergency Program management Office,
Mead Johnson Nutrition

I met Rich when he joined the Mead Johnson Nutrition Corporate Security Team. Rich quickly assimilated into his role by immediately providing value and new insights to the team. Throughout our years working together, I observed that he has a talent for gaining stakeholder trust and building effective relationships, both internally and externally.

His leadership capabilities were recognized by the organization, which led to him being assigned to new geographies and responsibilities. Rich also has a unique capability to see the “big picture” while understanding the intricacies of the business.

In addition to him being a valued and trusted co-worker, I had the pleasure of working with him as an external consultant. His clarity of project objectives, goals, and expectations were appreciated and contributed to our project success.

Thomas J. Smith

Senior Manager,
Employee Relations, Pfizer, Inc.

I have known Rich Widup for 20 years. I have worked for and with him in a variety of capacities and hold him in the highest regard.

I write this personal testimonial in recognition of his character, expertise in security and leadership, tenacious determination, unparalleled commitment to success, and dedication to the person standing to his left and his right. Rich has achieved great success in his career.

As the International President of ASIS, he has fulfilled some of the most senior roles in the security industry. Despite his professional success, he is also caring, personable, and down to-earth. Rich is a natural leader. Rich holds at his core the importance of taking care of others and showing them the way. While he is comfortable in front of a crowd, his real motivation is to watch others succeed.

Gail Essen

CPP, PSP, CEO & Founder,
Professional Security Advisors, LLC

I have known Richard Widup for over ten years. We met while volunteering for ASIS International. Rich recognizes the value of building future leaders through programs and mentorship, and he was the first ASIS President to fully endorse the Women in Security and Young Professionals groups.

I also worked with Rich as an external service provider to execute his vision for elevating his global employer’s security posture. His inclusive, servantleadership style uplifts those who work for him, creating strongly bonded teams. Rich’s military experience, acute business acumen, strategic thinking, and patient perseverance fuel his results-driven modis operandi.

Rich is highly skilled in complex, compliance based vertical markets, Enterprise Security Risk Management, business continuity, investigations, supply chains, and program creation/implementation. If you need an expert security leader to develop a vision, carry it to completion, or anything in between, I recommend Richard E. Widup, Jr., CPP, CFE.

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